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International Certified Vocational Evaluators (ICVE)

Scope of Practice

International Certified Vocational Evaluators, ICVEs have the specialized expertise to conduct comprehensive assessments and provide forensic services for assisting in the determination of benefit entitlement or quantifying financial losses related to vocational impairment, earning capacity, work capacity, employability, placeability as well as residual vocational capacity and avocational-related losses. Registrants with this specialty possess a unique set of knowledge, experiences, skills, as well as the ability to determine strategies and to administer, score and interpret psychometric tests (level A and B) and/or work samples in providing vocational evaluation services, as confirmed via the College’s certification and examination process.

Areas of Expertise

  • Transferable Skills Analysis
  • Vocational Evaluation/Assessment
  • Earning Capacity Assessment (pre- and post-injury, residual capacity and lifetime loss of earnings)
  • Work-Life Expectancy Analysis
  • Labour Market Re-Entry Assessment
  • Situational Assessment
  • Employability Assessment

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Credential Laddering

The ICVE(F) classification has been developed to recognize individuals within the field who have achieved higher levels of professionalism through post graduate study and/or maintenance of other recognized related Professional Designations.

The ICVE(D) classification recognizes senior practitioners at the highest level of professionalism within the field of vocational evaluation who have made significant contributions through education, professional development and professional contribution activities.

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CVRP is pleased to announce that online examination with virtual proctoring is now available. The examination is 2 sections in 2 hour sessions (4 hours total). It is a competency examination on Vocational Evaluation, consisting of 200 skill-based, multiple-choice and scenario questions. If a rewrite is required the fee payable to CVRP is $125.00. For rewrites, no shows and cancelations fees may be payable to the online examination platform and virtual proctor.

The ICVE certification has been endorsed by the Vocational Evaluation and Career Assessment Professionals, VECAP

As of June 25, 2021, The Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) only accepts ICVE (F) and/or (D) as the approved credential

VECAP 2020 ICVE Presentation

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VECAP Notice re CRCC Revitalization of CVE

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