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Board of Directors/Standing Committees

The 2023 CVRP Board of Directors

Peter Campbell, CVRP, CCVE/ICVE
President/Director/Executive Committee Chair/VE TSA Review Panel Member

David Cohen, MSW, RSW, CVRP(F), RRP, CRCC, CRV
Secretary/Treasurer/Director/Complaints Committee Chair/Executive Committee Member/Ad Hoc VRAC CVRP MOU Member

Jennifer Chladny, CVRP, CCVE(F), ICVE, RRP
Director/VE TSA Review Panel Member/Registration Committee Member

Dr. Michel Lacerte, MDCM, M.Sc., FRCPC, CCRC, DESS, CVRP(D)
Director/Fitness to Practice Chair/ICCCP Review Panel Member

Camille Hadida, CVRP(F), CCVE/ICVE, MA Counselling Psychology, Reg. Psychotherapist
Director/Examination Committee Member/Ad hoc Bylaw & Regulation Committee Member/Complaints Committee Member/Professional Practice Committee Member

Director/Professional Practice Committee Chair/Examination Committee Member

Director/Complaints Committee Member

Director/Ad Hoc VRAC CVRP MOU Member

Katherine Potts, BSW, RSW, CVRP
Director/CVRP Liaison VRAC Board /CVRP VRAC Liaison Committee Member/Ad hoc Bylaw & Regulation Committee Member/Ad hoc VRAC CVRP MOU Committee Member

Sean FitzGerald, CVRP(D), CCVE(D)/ICVE(F), RTWDM, ICCCP(F)
Director/Lead ICCCP Review Panel Member/Professional Practice Committee Member/Examination Committee Member/Ad hoc Bylaw & Regulation Committee Member

Sarah Nantais, CVRP TSA, RTWDM
Director/Registration Committee Member

Taline Sethian, CVRP(F), CCVE/ICVE
Director/ VE TSA Review Panel Member/Ad hoc Accreditation Committee Member

Krystyn Scrbic, CVRP(F), CCVE/ICVE
Director/Examination Committee Member/VE TSA Review Panel Member/Ad hoc Accreditation Committee Member

Raquel Francis, CVRP, CCVE/ICVE
Director/VE TSA Review Panel Member/Fitness to Practice Committee Member

Hamza Noor, CVRP, RTWDM
Director/Ad hoc Accreditation Committee Member

Lisa Blakeney, MA, ICVE, CVE
VECAP Liaison to CVRP/US ICVE Review Panel

Renee Daudlin-lacobelli, CCVE, ICVE, RTWDM
VRAC Liaison to CVRP 

Roselle Piccininni, B.Sc. CVRP(D), RTWDM, CCRC, RRP, VRAC(F)
Former President of the Founding Board of CVRP in 2010. Roselle brings years of experience & dedication as a VRA ON Board Director continuously from 1996 – 2010, holding the office of ON President from 2005 to 2006, VRA National President from 2006 to 2008 & National Past President from 2008 to 2010. Roselle continued to serve on the CVRP as a Director as historian & member of the Executive Committee. She presently holds the title of Registrar since January 2020. Roselle graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Science & has held her CCRC certification (Canadian Certified Rehabilitation Counselor) since 2006 & her CVRP since 2010. Roselle was a founding principal at arc health management, a private company providing health management solutions to the private & insurance sectors. Roselle specializes in mental health disabilities & has experience with accommodation supports around these issues. Roselle has worked in the Life & Health market for over 30 years returning disabled individual back to work. Her expertise as a Vocational Rehabilitation Professional & her business experience brings more than 30 year of experience for employers, & insurers.

Sue Allardyce, MSW, CCRC(Retired), CVRP(F), RTWDM, RRP
Assistant Registrar/CEU Coordinator/TSA VE Coordinator
Sue has worked in the VR field for more than 25 years for not-for-profit, private & government organizations. Her experience includes the provision of vocational rehabilitation, disability management, case management & career counselling services to clients.
She has also worked in an advisory capacity in the rehabilitation & mental health fields with Veterans Affairs Canada & provided case management services to clients when working for Canada Pension Plan Disability. In addition, she has participated in policy development, staff management in direct service & policy application, file audits, & has taught case management & assessment at the university level.
Sue’s past volunteer work includes being a member of the CVRP National Board, the President of the Vocational Rehabilitation Society of Canada (VRAC) Manitoba Society & member of the VRAC National Board among other board & committee memberships.

Standing Committees

Executive Committee

  • Reviews & recommends annual operating & budget
  • Makes recommendations regarding the management of assets & liabilities of the College
  • Seeks candidates for the Board of Directors
  • Manages the affairs of the Board

Registration Committee

  • Provides guidance on matters concerning registration & education, the evaluating & qualifying examinations & in-service training required prior to an applicant being granted a certificate of registration & membership with the College
  • Reviews applications for registration
  • Considers applications to remove or modify any terms, conditions or limitations placed on a Registrants’ certificate of registration
  • Registration Rule

Complaints Committee

  • Reviews, investigates & considers written complaints made about Registrants
  • Takes action where a complaint with respect to a Registrant is upheld
  • Complaints Procedure.

Discipline Committee

  • Hears & adjudicates allegations of professional misconduct & incompetence referred to the committee
  • Considers applications for reinstatement or to remove or modify any terms, conditions or limitations placed on a Registrants’ certificate of registration
  • Discipline Procedure

Fitness to Practice Committee

Professional Practice Committee

  • Develops, maintains & reviews standards of practice & programs to ensure continued competence of Registrants
  • Provides Continuing Education opportunities

Examination Committee

  • Deals with various examinations held by the college & oversees the specialty & specifications
  • Annually reviews, analyses & updates to College examinations
  • Advises on all matters relevant to College examinations, including time tables, timing, content, & evaluation (internals & other)

Joint VRAC & CVRP Committee

  • VRAC & CVRP representatives who deal in collaboration with VR &/or VE issues for the profession
  • Provides open communications & collaboration between the VRAC Association & the College