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CEU Extension Policy/Application

Each 2-year certification period starts from a Registrant’s date of registration & follows thereafter in 2-year increments upon the anniversary of the original date of registration. The CEU due date is located on the Registrant’s Profile.

Registrants will receive email notices at 90, 60 and 5 days prior to their annual renewal date. Renewal forms and payment can be accessed from the Registrant’s profile. It is the Registrant’s responsibility to monitor the status of their CEU period.

Under exceptional circumstances, a Registrant may apply for extension of the CEU period. The maximum length of time that a Registrant may extend the CEU period is 60 days.

Subsequent to a 60 day period of extension for CEU submission, should the Registrant be unable to complete the requirements for CEU completion & submission, the Registrant should contact the College to discuss re-instatement options.

Extension of the CEU Period

Only one application for CEU extension is allowed per 2-year CEU period. An application for extension must be submitted no less than 45 days prior to the Registrant’s renewal date, with applicable fees. Completion of the Registration renewal process is required, including payment of annual registration fees prior to the granting of CEU extension.

CVRP Fee Schedule

Failure to submit required CEUs 30 days prior to the extension date will result in administrative & registration penalties.

Application Process

The Registrant must complete the application for extension of the CEU period, outlining circumstances contributing to for the period of extension. The non-refundable application fee for CEU extension is required to be submitted with the application. CVRP Fee Schedule

If you require a CEU extension, log into your CVRP profile and apply.

Documentation & payment must be received by the College 45 days prior to the registration renewal date.