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Continuing Education Programs

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Approvals

All CEUs must be pre or post-approved before uploaded to a Registrant’s profile.


Click here current list of Approved CEU Programs.

If you would like to claim CEUs for a program not listed, submit program using one of the two application forms below:

Application for Pre-Approval of an Education Program Click here

Application for Post-Approval of an Education Program Click here

Click here for Core Competencies/Domains of Learning.

The 2-year CEU period starts the date of registration and is listed on the Registrant Profile. College, University and private educational programs are accredited for in-class time only. The completion date of any program must fall within a Registrant’s current 2-year CEU submission period. The same program can only be submitted once. CEUs will not be carried to the next 2-year CEU period.

If a program has not been approved, a Registrant must complete the CEU post and/or pre-approval form. Please allow 2 weeks for processing. Application for post-approved programs must be submitted to the College at least 2 months prior to registration CEU submission deadline.

The College provides pre-approval for educational/training institutes, organizations, sponsors and/or groups offering VR (Vocational Rehabilitation) and VE (Vocational Evaluation) training programs, events, workshops, seminars and/or other courses.


Free Continuing Education Programs

The Ontario Human Rights Commission offers the on-line Human Rights 101 one CEU unit: http://ohrc.on.ca/en/learning/human-rights-101



CVRP CEU Code ALISON(web)-MSAW-2021-6.0 Managing Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace

CVRP CEU Code ALISON(web)-HR:BDW-2021-4.0 Behaviour and Diversity in the Workplace


Coursera and CE4Less

CVRP offers online ethics credits – click here.

VRAC VE and VR Approved Courses.


CEU Policies


Submission of Approved CEUs

All CEUs must be submitted using your online profile. Please log into your profile and follow the directions provided. There is an instructional video to assist in understanding the online submission process.

All approved programs must provide an Attendance Verification Certificate (AVF) or completion transcript. If a program does not have an attendance verification certificate (AVF), contact the College for further direction.

Click here for the Annual Renewal Policy.

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