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Return to Work Disability Manager (RTWDM)

Scope of Practice

Return to Work Disability Managers, RTWDMs have specialized expertise in developing, coordinating & implementing timely & effective individualized return to work programs following illness or injuries, to enable clients to return to productive & meaningful participation in job duties while ensuring their safety & the safety of others in the workplace. Registrants with this specialty possess a unique set of knowledge, experiences, skills, as well as the ability to determine & apply interventions & strategies, which are used to support affected worker, employers, unions, health care providers & any other stakeholder. Registrants with this specialty are responsible for minimizing the impact of illness or injuries on workers, coworkers, employers & organizations while maximizing the recovery of the affected worker.

Areas of Expertise

  • Prevention Programs
  • Health & Wellness
  • Prevention and Safety programs for increase in employee satisfaction & reduction in injury rate & duration
  • Case Management, development & monitoring of return to work programs, increased return to work rate
  • Transitional Work & Accommodation, reduced costs & full compliance with employment-related laws


We are excited to announce the extension of the Grandfathering for the Return to Work Disability Manager (RTWDM) credential!
The RTWDM credential is of continuing interest to applicants & having further access to grandfathering to this credential is a means of enhancing professional qualifications.
After the Grandfathering phase certification eligibility criteria is based on experience &/or formal education as well as the passing of an examination (70%).
Grandfathering is open until June 30, 2023.

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The RTWDM online examination with virtual proctoring is available. The examination is 1 section in a 3 hour session. It is a competency examination on Disability Management, consisting of 180 skill-based, multiple-choice & scenario questions. If a rewrite is required fees are payable to CVRP, online examination provider & virtual proctor.

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