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Annual Renewal & compliance

To maintain good standing with the College, Registrants must comply and upload to their CVRP profile the following:

    1. Annually – Submission of annual renewal declaration, fee, & current E&O/Liability Insurance Certificate
    2. Biennial – Completion & submission of approved continuing education units (CEUs).
    3. 5 Years – Submission of Vulnerable Sector Police Check/Police Check from the date of Registrant’s last search.

Failure to update contact information may lead to missed notices, news, policy changes & announcements.

Annual renewals are completed through the Registrants’ profile.

Registrants are notified by the College of pending registration renewal, CEU submission deadlines, expired insurance &/or expired VSPC/PC.

Registrants who have not met credential compliance prior to deadlines registration will be classified as Administrative Suspension, penalty assessed &  status reflected on the Public Registry. Failure to comply with the outstanding registration maintenance requirements within the 30-day administrative suspension period will result in immediate Registration Suspension. If a registration suspension remains outstanding for 60 days, credential is revoked, profile is deactivated & removed from the public registry.

Please refer to the Administrative Suspension & Reinstatement Policy.

For further information & assistance, contact the College at info@cvrp.ca or by phone at 613-507-8847.

Click here to log into your profile to complete registration renewal.