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Annual Renewal & compliance

Upon registration, a Registrant profile is created. Registrants’ can access their profile to update contact information, upload compliance requirements & access updated CEU reports. Failure to update contact information can lead to missed notices, news, policy changes & announcements.

All annual renewals, regardless of registration classification, are completed through the Registrants’ on-line profile. Registrants must log into their profile to complete the online renewal form & declaration along with payment.

For further information & assistance, contact the College at info@cvrp.ca or by phone at 613-507-8847 at least 30-45 days prior to your renewal date to avoid any late penalties.

Click here to log in to your member profile to complete registration renewal for the online renewal option.

All Registrants are notified by the College of pending registration renewal, CEU submission deadlines, expired insurance &/or expired VSPC/PC.

Failure to comply with annual registration requirements prior to the registration expiry date will result in immediate ADMINISTRATIVE suspension of registration & a penalty. Registration status will be listed as Administrative Suspension on the Public Registry until all requirements of renewal are resolved. Failure to comply with the outstanding registration maintenance requirements within the 30-day administrative suspension period will result in immediate REGISTRATION suspension. All payment of outstanding fees, as well as completion of the competency examination may be required for reinstatement.

The College Board of Directors sets the annual fees for registration & renewal, which are listed on the CVRP Fee Schedule.

Annual Renewal Requirements

  1. Completion of the renewal application/declaration & annual fee plus applicable taxes no later than 11:59 PM EST on the date of registration expiry. Renewals must be completed through the Registrants’ online profile.
  2. Upload to your Registrant profile annual current Errors and Omissions/Professional Liability Insurance Certificate. Registrants have 30 days beyond the expiration date of their certificate of insurance to upload a current one to their profile.
  3. Registrants in the 2nd year of their CEU reporting period must submit all required CEU documentation to the College by the last day of the month prior to registration renewal month. CEU domain requirements are based on credentials. Note* if Registrant holds multiple certifications CEU domain compliances vary. It is the responsibility of the Registrant to upload their CEU certificates to their profile prior to deadline.
  4. Upload to your Registrant profile a current Vulnerable Sector Police Check (VSPC)/Police Check (PC), as per the CVRP VSPC/Police Check policy, every 5 years & prior to date of expiry.

The College has the authority to conduct random registration audits for compliance without notice. If a Registrant is not compliant, a written notice will be forwarded for immediate action and could result in a registration suspension and penalties. CVRP Fee Schedule.

All penalty fees will be assessed as of the first day past the due date & the registration status changed to Administrative Suspension on the public registry. The maximum Administrative Suspension period is 30 days, to resolve outstanding registration requirements. An Administrative Suspension Registrant, who defaults in complying with any of the renewal requirements & the fee penalties within the 30 day conditional period, will be then immediately Registration Suspended and required to complete the terms for reinstatement of Registration. Please refer to the Administrative Suspension & Reinstatement Policy.