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Fee Schedule

The following fees are in Canadian funds and subject to applicable taxes.

NEW Applicant Fee for CVRP or (P), CCVE or (P), ICVE or (P)  (includes Examination Fee & Peer Review) $435.00
NEW Applicant Fee for RTWDM (includes Examination Fee) $335.00
Grandfathering Application Fee for ICCCP or ICCCP(F) $290.00
Grandfathering Application Fee for RTWDM $240.00
Annual Renewal Fee for RTWDM Certification ONLY $235.00
Annual Renewal Fee to Maintain 1 Certification $290.00
Annual Renewal Fee to Maintain 2 or more Certifications $390.00
Initial (first year) Registration Fee for NEW Registrant within 60 days of successful examination $290.00
Initial (first year) Registration Fee for CURRENT Registrant to CCVE or (P), ICVE or (P), ICCCP within 60 days of successful examination $135.00
Initial (first year) Registration Fee for NEW RTWDM applicant $235.00
Application for Credential Laddering Fellow (F) or Diplomate (D) $195.00
Application for Credential Laddering CVRP TSA (Transferrable Skills Analysis, includes peer review & oral examination) $325.00
Change to Retired Status $100.00
Application for CEU Extension $130.00
Application for Leave of Absence (maternity, work interruption, civic responsibility &/or compassionate leave) $85.00
Application for Non-Practicing Status (1 year expiry) $130.00
Certification Examination Deferment Fee (1 time & expires 6 months from payment) $85.00
Certification Examination Re-Write Fee (up to maximum of 3 rewrites payable directly to testing centre) $135.00
Certification Reinstatement Fee (up to 90 days from Registration Suspended) $150.00
Certification Reinstatement Fee (after 90 days includes Examination Fee) $530.00
Administration Fee for Letter of Good Standing $30.00
Re-issue of Registration Certificate $45.00
Penalty for Late Payment of Annual Renewal Fee & Declaration $95.00
Penalty for Late Submission of E&O/Liability Insurance $95.00
Penalty for Incomplete or Late CEU Submission $95.00
Penalty for Late Submission of Vulnerable Sector Police Check/Police Check (VSPC/PC) $95.00
Pre-Approval Fee to eblast Registrants for notices, employment opportunities &/or RFPS $50.00
Application for CEU, Registration, Examination &/or Committee Decision Appeal Fee $85.00
Pre-Approval Process Fee for Sponsor Education Event $60.00
Annual Fee for Sponsor Application $160.00
Mandatory Jurisprudence Program – 4 Ethics CEUs $85.00
Beyond the Code of Ethics Program – 5 Ethics CEUs $85.00


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