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Administrative Suspension & Reinstatement Policy

To maintain Registration in good standing with the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals, Registrants must comply with the following:

  1. Annually – Submission of annual renewal declaration, fees, current E&O/Liability Insurance Certificate
  2. Biennial – Completion and submission of professional development requirements, i.e., continuing education credits, CEUs 30 days prior to the registration renewal date for the year in which CEUs are due.
  3. 5 Years – Submission of Vulnerable Sector Police Check/Criminal Police Check (VSPC) from the date of the Registrant’s last search.


The Process

Following the renewal due date, if a Registrant has not met the annual maintenance requirements, their certificate of registration is Administratively Suspended and will be listed on the Public Registry as such. Registrants are reminded formally via email that they are in default of their administrative obligation and are provided with notice of the deadline by which the submission is due, meaning within 30 days past their renewal date.

If a Registrant has not met the registration renewal requirements 30 days past their registration renewal date, the certificate of registration is Registration Suspended. A suspension notice is provided to the Registrant, the suspension is listed in the CVRP Public registry. Notice will be provided to the Registrant to immediately remove all reference to the CVRP Credential in all personal and business communications. Failure to do so could result in legal action.


Once Registration Suspended

  1. The suspended Registrant’s status on the Public Registry will be denoted as ‘Registration Suspension’.
  2. If a Registration Suspension Order remains outstanding for 60 days, registration is revoked, the Registrant will be classified as ‘Inactive’ in the CVRP database and removed from the Public Registry. The suspended Registrant must stop using the CVRP credential immediately.

Note: Administrative/Registration Suspension does not relieve the Registrant of the responsibilities to complete professional development/continuing education requirements or provide payment of renewal fees and any applicable other fees.



Registrants who are Registration Suspended for failure to meet registration compliance and/or including failure to complete and report professional development/continuing education requirements must meet the following requirements prior to reinstatement:

  1. Within 90 days past the registration renewal date, the Registrant must ensure all reinstatement obligations are met, including payment of all outstanding renewal fees, inclusive of the reinstatement fee as listed on the CVRP Fee Schedule.
  2. After 90 days from the date of registration renewal, the Registrant will be required to sit the online certification examination and must provide payment of all outstanding applicable fees, inclusive of the certification examination fee as listed on the CVRP Fee Schedule.