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Vulnerable Sector Police Check (Canadian) & Criminal Background Check (USA)

To enhance accountability to the Public, all applicants are required to submit a Vulnerable Sector Police Check/Criminal Background Check after a successful examination.

The College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals is a Federal NFP corporation. Our mandate to protect the public, all certification applicants are required to submit a current VSPC/Criminal Background Check, as the VR and VE professionals work one-to-one with disabled, injured or ill members of the public as their primary work task. The current VSPC/Criminal Background Check is one of the ways that the College can ensure that the VR or VE professional entering their (the public) home or place of employment or treatment facility is of acceptable moral character, with no criminal or questionable behavior in their present or past history. This is requested regardless of whom the potential Registrant or the certified Registrant works for; as an independent consultant, a contract consultant or for a private or public employer.

Process to complete the Vulnerable Sector Police Check/Criminal Background Check

Registrants are required to submit an updated VSPC/Criminal Background Check every 5 years, according to the date of search of the current VSPC/PC on file. Failure to submit an updated VSPC/Criminal Background Check could result in registration penalty and fines.

For Canadian VSPCs

Contact your local Municipal Police Station or the local police in the jurisdiction where you live & follow the regional procedure. You will be required to complete the information forms, an information release waiver & submit the relevant fees. Photo ID & finger printing may also be required.

For smaller communities or those communities that do not have a municipal police force you will need to contact the local Provincial Police Service or RCMP in your region of residence for direction. Most Police Forces have website links that will provide the procedure online, local process & the necessary forms to complete this check. Check the appropriate website for your place of residence & follow their guidance.

For Registrants and new applicants who live in the Municipality of Metro Toronto, you must contact CVRP at info@cvrp.ca to request the specific VSPC code as arranged specifically with the Toronto Police Service.

For those persons residing in rural Ontario & who receive policing services from the OPP, contact CVRP to request a letter to document the need for the Vulnerable Sector Check. Please note that to produce the letter, you must forward your full name, address, date of birth & the name and address of the OPP detachment.

For US Criminal Background Checks

There are many ways you can secure a criminal background check. CVRP requires that it be current so you will need to secure this information around the time of application. It is possible to secure a background check through your employer or individually through any of the following means identified by the FBI.