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What is VR?

The practice of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals involves the assessment, evaluation and identification of persons who are experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, vocational disability. Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals develop and execute vocational rehabilitation and return-to-work plans designed to achieve or restore optimum vocational and avocational outcomes. These outcomes are achieved through the application of knowledge, skills, interventions and strategies that are unique to the discipline and profession of vocational rehabilitation. As professionals working with persons with disabilities, Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals value independence and integration. They are committed to removing barriers so that all individuals may have equal access to employment opportunities and their communities. The priority in the vocational rehabilitation process is the needs of clients.

The services provided by VR Professionals include:

  • Vocational rehabilitation services
  • Vocational assessments
  • Transferable skills analysis
  • Job analysis, development, placement
  • Training, work adjustment, job skills
  • Vocational/avocational planning
  • Life Care Planning
  • Education prevention of vocational disability/disadvantage
  • Case management/rehabilitation services coordination and disability management
  • Mediation/negotiation of (re-)employment contracts

There is a commitment to client centered services and interdisciplinary teamwork. Ethical relationships are maintained between professionals and direct service clients, family members, third parties, community agencies, employers, colleagues, and students. They are also maintained with third parties who contract for assessments, rehabilitation plans, and with those who provide work placement and job development services.