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Complaints & Disciplinary

Complaints must describe, in detail, specific concerns about conduct, competence, &/or health ailment (impairing practice) of a Registrant. If a Registrant works for a provincial/state or federal employer, who have legislated protection against processing liability practice suits, the College will proceed to process any practice complaints received against those Registrants. The College Complaints & Discipline process is not litigation but an intensive internal peer adjudicated review to ensure Registrants practice within their scope of practice and cause no harm to the Public through negligence &/or practice misconduct.

Once a complaint is received, the Complainant & the Registrant named in the complaint, must sign legal waivers protecting the confidentiality of the Complaints Proceedings & that, at no time, will any information gained or shared during the CVRP complaints process be released or used in a future litigation procedure.

If a Registrant is found to have committed a practice misconduct, then complaints results are submitted to the Discipline committee for action. All disciplinary complaints are published on the Public registry for public review.

Click here to download the full Complaints Rule.

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Powers of the Complaints Committee

A panel, after investigating a complaint regarding conduct or actions of a Member, considering the written submissions of the Member & considering or making reasonable efforts to consider all records & documents it considers relevant to the complaint, may do any one or more of the following:

  1. refer a specified allegation of the Member’s professional misconduct, incompetence or incapacity, in whole or in part, to the Discipline Committee if the allegation is related to the complaint; Click here to download the Discipline Procedure
  2. refer the Member to the Fitness to Practice Committee for incapacity proceedings; Click here to download the Fitness to Practice Procedure
  3. direct the matter not be referred under subsection 15 (i.) or 15 (ii);
  4. require the Member to appear before the panel or another panel of the Complaints Committee to be cautioned; or
  5. take any action considered appropriate within the By-Law &/or Procedure.


Decision and Reasons

The Complaints Committee panel shall, after taking any action under section 15 or deciding to take no action, give its decision to the Registrar.

The panel of the Complaints Committee shall give the complainant & the Member who is the subject of the complaint:

  1. a written copy of its decision; &
  2. written copy of its reasons, if the panel decided to anything under subsections 15 (iii), 15 (iv) & 15 (v).


Timely Disposal

A panel shall use its best efforts to dispose of a complaint within 180 days after the filing of the complaint.