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Job Posting: Vocational Rehabilitation/Disability Management ConsultantAre

Bridges Health

Job Posting: Vocational Rehabilitation/Disability Management Consultant
Are you looking for a rewarding career that offers both flexibility and portability of your workload? Whether you are looking for full-time work or a part time opportunity we offer you support and flexibility in terms of when, where, and how you work.
Bridges Health is a Canadian owned health services company, in operation since 1997. We provide a wide array of services including disability management, return to work, attendance support as well as cutting edge AI software to assist your case management. As we serve a wide range of customers your caseload can be as broad or niched as you prefer.
We are searching for independent Vocational Rehabilitation and Disability Management Consultants to complement our team and expand our high touch approach and proactive services to our customers in a work from anywhere capacity.
•Accept referrals and review pertinent documentation
•Actioning and prioritizing daily tasks such as emails, telephone calls, assessments, reports within pre-determined timelines
•Develop strong relationships and collaborate with essential parties including
o Client/customer
o Employer
o Medical care provider
o Internal and external partners
•Complete comprehensive assessments and reports including
oInitial Assessments
oTransferable Skills Analysis/Alternate Occupation Options
oLabour Market Surveys
oProgress Updates
oReturn to/Stay at work plans
•Affiliation with a professional college or association (CVRP, CDMP, RRP, CAVEWAS, CRTWC, CCVE, CCRC, etc)
•Minimum 3 years experience in relevant field of vocational rehabilitation, disability management or occupational health
•Excellent written and spoken communication
•Demonstrated resiliency, empathy and compassion with customers while maintaining sponsor expectations.
•Reliable high-speed internet
•Ability to work across time zones
•Excellent written and verbal communication
•Strong ethical standards & professional integrity
•Above average organizational skills
•Ability to participate in remote team environments
•Maintain a safe and secure home based office
•Work flexibility and portability
•Provided laptop & softphone
•Extensive training library and 1-1 mentorship
Caseload variety
Vacancy: 2
Location: Remote
Closing date: January 31, 2024
Interested applicants are invited to submit cover letter, resume & contract rates to adelle@bridgeshealth.com

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