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Beyond the Code of Ethics

Welcome to the CVRP Beyond the Code of Ethics learning module. This program is worth 5 ethics CEU credits.

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Course Description

According to Handlesman, the field of ethics in the helping professions has focused on what not to do. Those involved in professional ethics were seen as individuals who were rigid and uptight. It has been seen as a joyless field, waiting to catch someone doing something wrong.

Recently there has been a growing body of knowledge which examines the idea that ethics should not just stop individuals from doing wrong actions; rather it looks at encouraging those in the helping profession to reach for their highest ideal. The field of Positive Ethics focuses not only on how professionals cannot harm those they are providing service to, but on how they can do better at helping them.

This module will examine a short history of ethical thought which led to the development of all professional Codes of Ethics. An examination of positive ethics looks at developing and supporting moral character beyond the Code of Ethics. Finally, an examination of ethical maturity, where the CVRP Registrant continues to increase his/her sensitivity to ethical issues.


Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the historic development of ethics over the centuries.
  2. Identify differing ethical schools and their major concepts.
  3. Understand the concepts of positive ethics.
  4. Utilize positive ethics in ethical decision making.
  5. Understand the concepts of ethical maturity.
  6. Increase personal ethical sensitivity.


Helpful Hints

  1. Upon receipt of registration and payment, the College will email you a username and password to access the module. You will have 30 days and unlimited access.
  2. There are 5 sections; section 1 is a brief overview of the course and section 5 contains reference end-notes. There are quizzes after Sections 2, 3 and 4. All quizzes must be answered correctly before proceeding. A quiz can be taken repeatedly until successful.
  3. Use the navigation bar located on the right-hand side of the learning module; expand the section to use the link in red.
  4. Due to the complexity of the material, it is recommended you schedule breaks between sections or plan to divide the module up over different times or dates.
  5. If you are experiencing any difficulty email info@cvrp.ca for assistance.
  6. It is the Registrant’s responsibility to upload the certificate to their profile to be awarded CEUs. To submit credits, login to cvrp.ca and go to https://cvrp.net/my-profile/.