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Public Registry

As a self-regulating body, the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals provides the public access to all Registrant credentials and registration statuses. The ability to search the Public Registry is a useful tool to assist the general public in locating a specific registered VR professional or to provide a shorter list of registered professionals practicing in a specific city, region, province, state or country. The CVRP Public Registry lists all Certified Vocational Professionals presently registered with the College.

If the searched name does not appear that person is not registered with the College. Please check your spelling and try again. Please note, people who are not registered with the College are not permitted to use College certifications. i.e. CVRP, CVRP(F), CVRP(D), CVRP(P), CCVE, CCVE(F), CCVE(D), CCVE(P), ICCCP, ICCCP(F), ICVE, ICVE(F), ICVE(D), ICVE(P) or RTWDM.