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Ethics, Ambiguity, and Epistemic Uncertainty – IARP December 13, 2022

Ethics, Ambiguity, and Epistemic Uncertainty

Tuesday, December 13, 2022
1:00 pm PT, 2:00 pm MT, 3:00 pm CT, 4:00 pm ET

This one-hour webinar will provide an introduction to key conceptualizations of epistemology – the study of how we know — in Western ethics, and discuss how these understandings of epistemology have created an ethos of ‘certainty.’ Yet, in professional practices like life care planning, ethical ambiguity – not certainty – is often the norm. The webinar will then introduce a key epistemic tool, reflexivity, to consider how we can move a professional ethos that centers on the contestable nature of ethical thought, action, and deed.


Maggie FitzGerald joined the Department of Political Studies at the University of Saskatchewan in July of 2020. Her research program engages two related areas:

  1. The first focuses on global ethics and international political theory, with an emphasis on decolonial ethics, normative and critical international relations theory, and feminist political economy.
  2. Her second strand of research centres on governing norms and the ways in which institutions and governments are (co)constitutive of values.

Linking these two areas of research are feminist political theory and feminist ethics, and particularly the ethics of care. Her work has appeared in journals such as Ethics and Social WelfareAtlantis: Critical Studies in Gender, Culture, & Social JusticeHealth and Social Care in the Community; and Canadian Review of Social Policy.

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