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Liability Insurance

Errors and Omissions/Liability Practice Insurance

CVRP requires all Registrants of the College to hold and maintain current Errors and Omissions/Liability Insurance (E&O) policy, preferably with Defense Insurance for College complaints, wherever possible, as part of maintenance of their certification. The Insurance should be specifically designed to cover the scope of practice and the standards of practice for a Vocational Rehabilitation Professional. The Defense Insurance allows a practitioner to consult a lawyer very early in the complaints process and allows frivolous or malicious complaints to be resolved quickly. Other levels of E&O/Liability insurance, not specifically designed for a Vocational Rehabilitation Professional, may not be acceptable. It is the responsibility of each Registrant to ensure that adequate coverage is maintained, whether through an affiliated professional association policy, a personal policy or a policy provided through their place of employment.

Registrants must maintain a valid professional liability insurance with a minimum of 2 million per claim.

The VRA Canada E&O policy will defend allegations brought against you (whether frivolous or with merit) because of your professional services provided to clients. Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company, the insurance company underwriting VRA Canada’s program, will defend you, cover your legal defense costs and pay damages awarded to third parties (subject to the terms of your policy). Click here for the VRA Canada Insurance Program Overview.

For Registrants who are not members of an association, Prolink Insurance Group has developed a policy for CVRP Registrants called “Miscellaneous Malpractice Liability Policy for Claims Made and Reported”. Please contact Mr. Andrew Spencer directly through email to inquire about the particulars of this policy at : andrews@prolink.insure or click here for the LMS webpage.